We ensure the safe work flow

Diverse production capacities
Over time packconsult has built a tried and tested network of dependable partner factories to meet the individual requirements of our customers. We can arrange capacities for you at different locations  [continue…]  »

Custom-made production
packconsult selects the most suitable supply source for you and monitors your specific supply project directly on site. Our team in Far-East, in China, Indonesia and Vietnam has many years of dedicated industry experience  [continue…]  »

Own quality assurance
packconsult regards itself as «your eyes and ears, extending your reach into the factories». Independent quality checks are carried out by our experienced team on site. Our end product quality assessment is completely independent of our partner factories and any other factory we work with.  [continue…]  »

Supply planning safeguards
packconsult secures your effective supply planning by safeguarding dependable scheduling and contract compliance. During the quotation process we negotiate the best conditions in relation to price, terms of delivery and payment for you.  [continue…]  »

Product innovation
packconsult ensures new product ideas developed by our partner factories are directly available to you including technical details and costs. We provide you with the opportunity to offer a new product first or exclusively to your customers.

On site for you
packconsult’s local team members have an in depth-knowledge of the polyethylene sector. As native speakers they are also familiar and well-versed with local and regional customs and conventions.  [continue…]  »

Do what you do best
packconsult’s hands on services lower your procurement costs significantly and save you valuable resources. The provision and sourcing of production capacity, the planning and execution of customized production, our own independent quality assurance  [continue…]  »

For any service enquires please contact:
i.zucker@packconsult.com  »


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